Going Bananas for GREEDY Pinoy Ketchup

Say hello to Rapsa’s new GREEDY range. GREEDY Granola, GREEDY herb & peanut chutney and GREEDY Korean Chilli sauce to go with the fan favourite GREEDY Banana Ketchup. Heinz may have 57 varieties of the good stuff but not one is a touch on the Filipino national treasure that is banana ketchup. Ketchup, the holy…


We are proud to have teamed up with Slerp in creating our own delivery platform! Until we return back to normal we are putting a big focus on bringing Rapsa to you at home! Every Wednesday-Sunday 17:30-21:00 we are open for delivery. Our pre-order store is open always to book in deliveries for future dates…

Keeping safe & Keeping fed with Rapsa

SLERP’S UP! Now this time is proving to be nothing short of an unexpected pot hole in the road for everyone… who would have thought a month ago we would all be worrying about our work, food shortages, fighting over toilet paper? With the questions of severity, how to say safe, who to trust, what…

The Pig’s Head: Sisig the Grandest of Pinoy Cooking Traditions

Beloved by Filipinos all over the world- Sisig is the ultimate comfort food and it is a great way to reduce wastage, save money and have a delicious meal.  Never fear the pig’s ear. Though the cartilage can be a little tough after a few hours of braising, you get a delicious slightly chewy treat…

The month of Love with Rapsa X Don Papa Pop up

Rapsa@ 100 Hoxton, Shoreditch’s top Asian restaurant lead by top Pinoy Chef Francis Puyat, has teamed up with Don Papa to bring you a taste of the the Philippines right here on Hoxton street. A 5 dish, 3 Don Papa Cocktail menu has been created to satisfy the tastebuds of all intrepid adventurers. Dive into…

Pinoy Cuisine: An Otherworld-ly experience

Our collaboration with VR temple Otherworld in Haggerston has its users salivating even more than the hordes of zombies chasing them! You know how it is. You are transported to another world to fight zombies, then you fly all across the globe and even in space using Google Explore and then you wind down by…

Deliveroo Uber Profits and Stay in Control

Being in control of your product is king. Being in the crowded marketplace of Shoreditch Asian Restaurants and trying to stand out as the best in your category is a perpetual challenge. There is a real risk you can get on the wrong platform and get led astray from your task of being the best…

NYE@ RAPSA with Chef Francis

Say goodbye to 2019 and hello the the 20’s! Chef Francis Puyat, London’s leading Pinoy chef, has put together a special menu that takes you through copious courses of perfectly-crafted, sumptuous dishes with COMPLIMENTARY drinks ALL NIGHT LONG! 10 delicious Pinoy dishes. Slurp oysters garnished with avocado and a jalapeño patis, dive into hand picked…

How to Throw the Best Corporate Christmas Party in London 2020

If you have been put in charge of organising your work’s Christmas party, you may very well be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not exactly sure where to start. There are so many different people to please; how can you possibly throw a bash that everyone will enjoy? Should you go with an obvious, yet unoriginal,…

ARROZ CALDO: The King of Congees

This Filipino souped up version of a Chinese classic will blow your mind.  Back home this dish is perfect for the wet season to fight of the winter chills. When you select your chicken you want to see a nice happy chicken that’s running around that’s had a nice healthy full life. Our native chickens…

Art of the Lunch Box

Box smart and be ready for whatever the afternoon throws at you with our delicious all-in-one lunch dishes.  Many moons ago we introduced London to the wonders of the lunch box. Great value, healthy, hearty and above all full of flavour these meals have sustained tens of thousands of workers, mums, dads and kids. Vegans,…

Mull Over a Christmas Tipple

The weather in the Philippines might not lend itself to hot boozy drinks but here in good ol’ blighty deep in the heart of Shoreditch there is a bit of a need to bring the warmth of the Manilla to your dinner.  The wafting scent of cinnamon and wine is the perfect embodiment of Christmas….

RAPSA at 100 Hoxton

Delve into some of the best traditional and delicious Filipino food Shoreditch has to offer here at RAPSA. The food will set your heart aglow and put a smile on your face, and the venue will be the perfect setting for any brunch, lunch, or evening meal. Formerly 100 Hoxton, RAPSA offers to take you a world away and invites you to enjoy some tasty Filipino foods from our Head Chef, Francis Puyat.

With the experience of NOPI and pop-up success Kinilaw & Buko, our Head Chef has prepared menus straight from his homeland and invites every one of you to enjoy the fantastic flavours and experiences from the Philippines right here in Hoxton. He has transformed the old 100 restaurant Hoxton into a unique and unforgettable venue for the whole family.

With a mouth-watering menu so delicious that even those new to Filipino dishes will fall in love with it, a great venue, and karaoke machines available for all our guests, RAPSA is perfect for all occasions. It is a temple of Filipino cooking and a great night out for everyone.

Taste the delicacies put together by Chef Francis Puyat and enjoy an unforgettable experience at RAPSA.From our infamous Boodle fight to Bottomless 100 Hoxton Brunch to lunchtime specials, RAPSA has something for everyone at every budget.

The Legendary Boodle Fight at RAPSA

You haven’t come to the best Filipino restaurant London has to offer if there isn’t a traditional Boodle Fight to be had. Roll out the red carpet for this experience as our Boodle Fight is the true champion of fiesta feasting to be found in the city. Eat to your heart's content with your hands in traditional Kamayan style and enjoy something fun and different while you feast on delicious dishes suited for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Early Bird Menu Specials

Save big at our 100 Hoxton London location by coming in early to enjoy our Early Bird Menu Specials. From a Kinilaw Sharing Board from £40 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm, to a special Early Bird Menu which lets you taste two dishes at our great Filipino Restaurant Hoxton for less than £15. Did we mention we have Happy Hour everyday from 5-8pm where you can get 2 cocktails for £12?

Weekend Bottomless Brunch

What Hoxton restaurant London location would be complete without our amazing RAPSA at 100 Hoxton Bottomless Brunch option to see you through the weekend? From 11am to 3pm, all our guests can partake in our boozy brunch option, which provides all our of-age guests with unlimited Aperol Spritz, Prosecco, or Slushies for 100 minutes for just £25. RAPSA at Hoxton 100 Shoreditch brunches goes further, however, which means on top of a boozy special, you can also enjoy any of our brunch options for just £7 extra. It’s a great way to celebrate a special event or just enjoy the weekend.

Book Your Experience at RAPSA

Book RAPSA at 100 Hoxton London today for an unforgettable experience in Filipino food and culture. Treat yourself to a meal at one of the top Asian restaurants Shoreditch has to offer and book a table today.